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Onboarding employees

Saying hi to the company's
new staff, with style.

Over the years, we've cranked out several explanatory videos. We're all about making each project stand out, and in the case of Noa Group's 5-minute onboarding video for new employees we proposed that it be through an artistic search, the use of textures, brushstrokes, in the work on lights and shadows, reflections and lens flares, the subtle movements of the camera to enhance the perspectives of the architecture of the building.

trailer video 👇
behind the scenes

In the process we went from the line drawing to analyze the perspectives and compositions. Then we moved on to the vector stage to finish by placing colors and textures and illuminations.


If you're curious to learn more about this project and its behind-the-scenes, be sure to swing by our Behance page! Don't miss out! 😊

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